Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cyber attack on Turkish news portals

Major non-partisan Turkish news agency websites have been under massive cyber attack since the beginning of the local elections in Turkey.

The website of Taraf newspaper, displayed the following message:

Taraf's website has been under organized cyber attack for a week. The lowlifes that are afraid of journalism, free press and democratic elections again attacked and hacked our website.
They think they achieved however they lost. It became obvious how afraid they are of Taraf and the free press.
They showed us how strong we are, once again. It won't matter to us if you were to send us not cyber, but super soldiers and hitmen.
You can not silence Taraf. We will be back online shortly.

As of 31 March 2014, Turkey's largest circulated newspaper Zaman website is not accessible. Zaman, the most popular and the largest newspaper in Turkey, has been a serious critic of the Erdogan government.

State owned or controlled organizations including Turkish Airlines and major banks were ordered not to advertise through Turkey's most popular newspaper.
Cihan news agency website has been under DDos cyber attack.

Cihan news agency's coverage of previous elections has been praised by both the government and the opposition parties in Turkey for it's speed and reliability.

Cihan is the most successful news agency in delivering polling results among other Turkish media bodies. Agency performs election work on its site for the whole country with around 70,000 personnel.

So far, the following incidents were reported

  1. Cyber attacks on independent, non-partisan news agencies, 
  2. unexplainable power outages in major Turkish cities during counting of votes, 
  3. More than 300 reports to Police accusing the Erdogan government supporters of stealing vote boxes
  4. Thousands of citizens reporting unknown voter registrations at their addresses,
Mr. Erdogan, it's looking all messy.

The election results in Turkey are dubious.

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